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Products & Services


Disha, adhering to its mission to make a measurable economic and social impact on the BOP segment, has evolved over the years to adapt to the needs of its customers through a range of products and services, enabling financial and social progress at the base of pyramid.

Traditionally into unsecured joint liability based group loans for income generation, Disha has ventured into multiple product lines catering to the larger life cycle needs of its customers with a clear objective of partnering in their journey of progress. Currently Disha offers JLG based microloans, Secured Microenterprise Loans, Loan Against Gold and other value added products and services to its customers.

Microfinance Loans

  • Loan product aimed at the borrowers in the first phase of a borrower lifecycle.
  • Utilizes joint liability based group lending model to finance any income generating activity.
  • Loan amounts range from Rs.5,000 to Rs.40,000 with flexible repayment tenure.
  • Group trainings are organized to educate the members, usually first time micro entrepreneurs, on efficient use of capital and for building group cohesion.

Secured Product Line For Micro enterprises

Rural Micro Enterprise Loan-RMEL

    Product Objective:

  • To offer higher ticket size loans to the existing microfinance customer base aspiring to be micro entrepreneurs.
  • Address the credit requirements of missing middle segment who do not qualify for full bank facilities/or for social aid programs.
  • Product Features:

  • Ticket size between 70k-100k.
  • Secured loan- Equitable mortgage for owned properties.

Urban Micro Enterprise Loans-UMEL

    Product Objective:

  • Be an enabler to small business owners.
  • Provide credit facilities with reasonable cost, within expected time period and delivered in a transparent manner.
  • Product Features:

  • Ticket size upto 10 Lacs (Urban).
  • Secured Loan collateralized generally against residential property.

Loan against Gold For Instant Liquidity Needs

Gold Loans( GL)

    Product Objective:

  • Provide instant credit for quick liquidity needs.
  • Product Features:

  • Secured against gold assets.
  • Instant valuation of gold and immediate disbursals.

Value added Product Line Addressing Borrower Needs.

D.lightSolar Lamps

  • Environment Friendly Alternate Light Source.
  • Product not promoted for open market sale and is an optional bundled product with credit product.
  • Prices range from Rs.645 to Rs.1895
  • Affordable alternative to costly/unavailable common lighting options like electricity.

Affordable Mobile Sets

  • Launched based on an assessment that mobile phones are now a tool for knowledge sharing and empowerment & access can further social and economic progress
  • Helps in increasing connectivity among borrower groups by bridging and strengthening social networks.