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Loan Amount and Term

The Philosophy of DISHA is to start with small, short-term Loans compatible with the client's household cash flow and the members' comfort of giving mutual guarantee to the other people in the group. The minimum loan size of the first Loan is a way of testing the applicants and the market, while limiting the institution's exposure to unknown clients. Newer products, with higher loan amounts and tenure shall be introduced keeping in mind the demands and business needs.

Emergency loan:

A special product is also offered by DISHA to take care of client emergency requirement of loan to smoothen their house hold cash flow.   By providing clients with emergency loans, the impact of borrowing on their main assets would be lower. Clients can avail the loan during emergencies such as death/sudden illness or any such emergency.  It must be repaid within twenty five weeks with same interest rate.

Interest Rate

Disha adheres to and is complaint with the regulations set by the regulators in charging the rate of interest to the clients. Interest is applied on the reducing balance principal and may vary based on prevalent products and policies / regulatory guidelines.