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Disha Microfin has always strived to adapt itself to best serve the interests of its stakeholders as an active partner in a journey of progress. A new phase in this journey of progress was initiated in Dec 14 when disha became part of an integrated base of pyramid financial services platform unified under a single brand name. Disha along with Future Financial Services, Lok Management Services and India Finserve Advisors now form part of an umbrella brand FINCARE. This transformation intends to build and develop a portfolio of strong businesses at the base of pyramid under one corporate identity thereby exploring wider growth opportunities under each business with a stronger brand name and greater scale of operations.

The transformation signifies commitment of Disha to build a sustainable business entity at the base of pyramid, facilitating growth and progress for all its stakeholders who are partners in its business journey. This transformation retains the basic business DNA of Disha with its core values of professionalism and excellence in business operations. Disha remains committed to provide best-in-class services in the sector to all its stakeholders and retains its guarantee of transparency in business practices. Disha is now looking forward to a new phase of growth and progress with this transformation.

Fincare Group