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Customer Stories

• Chandrakalaben Dabhi
Chandrakalaben resides in a hamlet called Harshadpura, Which is Approximately 12 km from our branch Office Kathlal under Kheda District of Gujrat.

Chandrakalaben and her husband Bharatbhai Dhabhi both were dependent on their 2.5 Bigha of land for their Livelihood. Her husband sometimes goes for outside of village to earn some extra money by driving commercial vehicle. This intermittent work was totally dependent on availability of such work. Chandrakala supports her husband by earning dairy income through 3 milch animals she manages. They have two children, a daughter (10 years) and son (7 years). Present source of income was not proving enough to support growing expenditure of family.

As the children were growing, Chandrakalaben was searching for means to enhance the family income. There were a few bigha of agricultural land available to be let as the current owner of the land wasn’t able to manage this land on his own. For this Chandrakala required Rs. twenty thousand. Last year too she tried to save money for the same but couldn’t manage enough money. This year she even tried to secure loan from bank for the same purpose but could not get the loan from nearby bank due to cumbersome procedure and lack of focus from the bank in such a small size loan. Local money lender was lending at 5% interest rate per month which she couldn’t afford. She tried to arrange money from family & relatives too but this too didn’t work.  So she was forced to give up the plan.

Meanwhile, she came to know about Disha executive visiting her village for the for village survey. She attended village meeting organized by Disha and discussed all her plan with our representative. Within a week she got a loan of Rs.11000/- from Disha. With the help of her earlier saving she got 1.5 Bigha of land near her agricultural plot for five years on contract.

She says she will be able to recover the cost of contract within just three seasons of crop. On the subject land she plans to cultivate vegetable, wheat, jawar and paddy. This extra land shall help her to have fodder for her cattle as well.

When asked for her plan for future she plans to apply for another loan from Disha next year to add to her livestock by purchasing buffalo as this will add another source of livelihood.
• Meenaben Dabhi
Meenaben resides in Jalabhai-ni-muwadi, which falls under Kheda District of Gujarat. This village is approximately 15 Km from our kathlal Branch and is remotely located in terms of commuting facility. One has to travel on Kachha road for at least 4 KMs to reach this village. Bank loan accessibility for the lower income group people is not easily available. Local money lender lends at exorbitant interest rate which is not affordable. Still in acute urgency the poor has to resort to this abhorred choice.

Before getting loan from DISHA Meenaben had a marginal agricultural land of ½ Bigha, one buffalo, one cow and two calves. Her husband has been working in local milk collection centre on part time basis and earning approximately Rs.1800/- per month. Income from agricultural land was negligible. The income from milk sale was approximately Rs.4000/-per month. Total income of the family was not adequate to meet with the expenses and save something for rainy days. She has two sons and a daughter. Eldest son is eighteen year old while other children are under 4 years. The cost of education was increasing and putting pressure on the family to explore options for generating additional income. The only option available was to purchase milch animal as the family didn’t have skills in any other business. Meenaben tried to take loan from bank but couldn’t succeed. She almost gave up the plan but suddenly she came to know about DISHA. She applied for a loan of Rs.16000/- and within a week she could realize her dream to purchase a milching buffalo. Currently, she is getting 6 litres of milk everyday from this buffalo and additional net income of Rs.2000/- per month.

She estimates that after repayment of loan from this income she will be able to save a bit as well. Additional asset created in terms of an owned buffalo and a calf is an extra bonus.

She has already made a plan to go for second cycle of loan to add another buffalo to her present stock.
• Kamalaben Chauhan
Kamlaben is a resident of Mankwa village. Her husband Arjunbhai inherited 1.5 bigha of land and grows grain crops such as paddy and wheat. She has two sons and one daughter who go to the village school. Before she took a loan from Disha, she already had one buffalo. Kamlaben, like so many women in her village was facing the pinch of the rising inflation and input costs. She wanted to grow her income to make her ends meet. She decided to procure a new buffalo through the “Pragati” loan of Disha. Due to the second buffalo daily milk output has gone up by 8 liters and her monthly income has grown by INR 2500.
• Laxmiben Chauhan
Laxmiben is a resident of Sojali village. Her husband Bharatbhai owns 1 bigha of land. She has a family of two sons and one daughter. She supports her family with her tailoring skills. She had one old sewing machine on which she was doing odd job work. She decided to renovate her sewing machine through the “Gati” loan of Disha. She contributes INR1500 to the household income.
• Manguben Rabari
Manguben is a resident of Sadra village. She is a widow. Her son is helping her in their traditional business of animal husbandry. They own a paltry land of 0.2 bigha of land. Due to which livestock is their main livelihood. She has two children. Before she took a loan from Disha, she already had one buffalo and four cows. She decided to procure a new buffalo through the “Pragati” loan of Disha. Due to the second buffalo daily milk output has gone up by 7 liters and monthly income has gone up by INR2000.
• Devikaben Vankar
Devikaben is resident of Kheda district. Her husband Manubhai jointly owns 3 bigha of land with his brothers.He is a trained electrician. Devikaben has three children who go to the school. Her husband has taught Devikaben and children, how to make electrical choke for the tube light. Devikaben makes these electrical chokes and her husband sells them in neighboring villages. Devikaben took “Gati” loan from Disha and spent INR3000 on her son’s school fee. She used remaining amount to purchase electrical raw material.
• Savitaben
Savitaben is a resident of Baria waga. Her husband Prabhatbhai owns a shop in the same village.  She has two sons and one daughter who go to the village school. She is a very hard working women who tends to family and also supports her family by managing another shop just opposite village dairy. She took Disha loan for working capital need of her business. She took “Pragati” loan from Disha, and increased her stock in the shop.
• Lilaben Rabari
Lilaben is a resident of Sadra village. Her husband Ranchhodbhai inherited 1 bigha of land. She has two sons. Lilaben supports her family with their traditional business of milch cattle. In the words of Ranchhodbhai” What government, banks or Dairy could not do for him has been done by Disha- give them money and empower them to decide to use as they like it”. She decided to procure a new buffalo through the “Pragati” loan of Disha. Due to the second buffalo daily milk output has gone up by 8 liters and her monthly income has grown by INR 2400.