Disha Microfin


Client Welfare Activities:



Disha is incorporated as a 'for profit' microfinance institution with the objective of bringing affordable financial services within the reach of the base of pyramid households in India. Following the credo of a commercially viable business with a social DNA, Disha conducts its business by balancing the interests of its stakeholders including investors, funders, employees on one side and financially excluded households on the other. We firmly believe that our business has a wider purpose than profit viz. one of social and economic up-liftment of the financially excluded masses that it serves.

As part of our social focus we devote our efforts on areas directly related to our client welfare philosophy - promoting livelihood development and community welfare activities leading to improvement in the quality of life of our customers.

Disha has directly benefitted over 2 lakh households through developmental activities aimed at community welfare in the areas that we operate in. Your company's social impact was felt in 1400 villages in India through financial literacy and advisory camps, livelihood skills training camps, sanitation camps, pest control activities, safe water campaigns, greening activities, health and hygiene camps, livestock protection and immunization camps, education initiatives etc.