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September 2015: Disha Microfin receives in-principle approval from Reserve Bank of India for setting up a Small Finance bank

Aug 15: Fincare Lok crosses 300Cr in AUM supporting over 2 lac base of pyramid borrowers through 100+ branches in 5 states in India partnering with 5 premier banks and 1 Financial institution.

July 15: Disha organises All Employee meet for the year 2015 in Ahmedabad. Employees celebrate a successful FY'15 and re-dedicate themselves to facilitating progress at base of pyramid.

July 15: FINCARE Crosses 1000 Cr in AUM facilitating a Lifetime of progress for over 6 Lac base of Pyramid households.

July 15: FINCARE lights up over 1,00,000 base of pyramid households through solar lamps distribution.

June 15: Lok, the business correspondent company of FINCARE group, crosses 100 Cr in AUM in its BC partnership with Yes Bank Limited (LOK-YBL).

June 15: DLite, business partner for the Solar Lamps distribution vertical of Disha, felicitates FINCARE on the phenomenal social impact created at base of pyramid, through a social impact certificate.

June 15: FINCARE LOK crosses an AUM of 250Cr facilitating a lifetime of progress for over 2 Lac households at the base of pyramid.

Feb 15: Disha applies for Small Finance Bank License.

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Welcome to Disha Microfin Pvt Ltd

Disha Microfin is an NBFC MFI registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Disha believes in a world in which as many lower income households as possible have an easy access to a range of high quality financial services.

We have a firm conviction that if the women are economically empowered, these families can be socially and economically uplifted.

Disha provides microfinance products and services to rural, semi urban and urban women on a commercially sustainable basis.

"To provide a commercially viable and socially relevant financing option to the lower income group and there by participate in the integration of this group in to the prospering Indian middle class."

"To make a measurable economic and social impact on the lives of the lower income households by carrying out various microfinance initiatives and creating environment friendly livelihood opportunities."


Disha Group

Disha Microfin (applicant for the Small Finance Bank license) is part of the Fincare Group which comprises of 2 NBFCs viz. Disha Microfin and Future Financial, one Business Correspondent entity viz. Lok Management Services and one Management Services Co viz. India Finserve Advisors. The Fincare group has total Assets under Management of ~1150 cr and serves over 700,000 base of pyramid families. Future Financial and Disha Fincare will get merged in the process of formation of Fincare Small Finance Bank.

Fincare Group

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